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How Much To Sleep In George’s Bed?

rcdhadmin | November 8th, 2012 | Comments Off

Article by SANETTE TANAKA for the The Wall Street Journal with quotes and property valuations provided by Dennis Duffy of RCDH & Company.

How much would it cost a candidate to buy his way into the White House? About $1.5 billion, if it were for sale.

As the campaigns come to a close, Spread Sheet asked for hypothetical appraisals of three presidential properties in the Washington area: Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home; Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home; and the White House, the home of every president since John Adams.

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Solving (??) Current Valuations Mysteries (??)

JRoark | December 9th, 2011 | Comments Off

Solving (??) Current Valuation Mysteries (??) For many, 2008 was a painful financial experience. As it relates to real estate, home prices in most cases have eroded. Commercial properties are facing huge “maturity risk exposure” (pending re-fi requirements). Lenders are trying to generate or keep cash…. and stay afloat.   One of the reasons cited for the ongoing distress in 2009 is the “valuation conundrum”. More commonly, this is expressed as “No one knows where the bottom is” or “How do we ‘price’ things now”?   Without question, current valuation is very difficult to accurately and precisely to gauge. The primary valuation tools (comparable sales and income generation) are either “frozen” (no sales) or “flawed” (who’s numbers can you believe?). Thus, how do we “value” assets in this current environment?   Professional appraisers have always used a tool often overlooked in the marketplace. Very simply, it is a cost analysis.

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Real Estate Tax Matters 2011: Be Careful!

JRoark | February 25th, 2011 | Comments Off

Recent WBJ data indicates that DC Gov’t is posting “high value assessments.”  This is timely, if for no other reason assessment notices are pending.  It is also important on another, more material level:  DC Gov’t MUST be very aware that they are rapidly approaching the edge of a cliff. If property taxes continue to increase, they run the risk of forcing DC tenants to other jurisdictions.  Already, one prime tenant , Carlyle Group, has offloaded some of its space to Rosslyn.  If Carlyle cannot afford to operate in DC, who can?  In addition to that, RCDH sees a secular trend for increasing the use of telecommuting, office hoteling, etc as occupancy costs continue to escalate.  Thus, demand for office space in DC may erode.  With pending (material) federal budget cutbacks, either rent erosion or cost-cutting are, without question, of the federal agenda. DC has done this in the past (i.e.,

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